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Broadcasting out of Pop Tate's Chocklit Shoppe, Lucy Cappiello and Evan Munday review and dissect Archie comics digests for your amusement and elucidation.
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Nov 19, 2017

It's been a while, but Lucy and Evan are finally back and ready to talk about all things Archie. After an extended (and unexpected) hiatus, Radio Free Riverdale is back, and we're talking the second season of Riverdale's fourth episode, "The Town That Dreaded Sundown." Who is the Black Hood, the serial killer that stalks the former "Town with Pep"? Will the divide between North and South Riverdale widen? How much of The Outsiders can the show crib? Listen in to hear us expound on:

  • the dangers of recreational jingle-jangle use
  • the political relevance of designer T-shirts
  • the pros and cons of vigilante justice
  • how inept the Lodges are at lying
  • and, of course, whether there are bodegas in the Pacific Northwest.

All this and more in Episode 22 of Radio Free Riverdale. Gather all your cipher-decoding books and meet us at the Edge of Town.

Jul 10, 2017

In a very special episode of Radio Free Riverdale, Lucy, Evan, and a special guest – comedian, and podcaster Darren Springer – stare deep into the abyss that is the 1990 TV movie, Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again. Archies Pals 'n' Gals are in their mid-thirties, back in town for a high school reunion, and they're all so very sad. Not only are they dealing with troubled relationships and failed ambitions, but also facing a new world of luxury cars, portable phones, and hip-hop music that seems to have no patience of memories and "good times." We witnessed it all – the horror and the heartbreak – so you don't have to. And somehow, we managed to record a podcast longer in duration than the actual TV movie (!). Tune in, if you dare, for conversations on:

  • why and how this early '90s nostalgia-fest was created
  • who is more famous: Lauren Holly or a Reba co-star?
  • Archie Andrews's shaky grasp of the legal system 
  • the intersections of Pop's Chocolate Shop and Tiananmen Square
  • and the cinematic triumph of Jughead Jones rapping "Sugar Sugar" to bond with his terrible, terrible son

All this and more in Episode 21 of Radio Free Riverdale, if you'd be so kind to let us lay our ever-lovin' stuff on you. And be sure to follow Darren Springer at @darrendspringer.

Jun 19, 2017

Feeling some Riverdale: A Murder Mystery withdrawal, Lucy and Evan invite tarot reader, workshop facilitator and all-around amazing feelings witch Carly Boyce to help them process their feelings on Riverdale Digest #1, a digest-sized anthology of the first issues of the new Archie, Jughead, Betty & Veronica, Josie & the Pussycats, and Reggie & Me. Along the way, the three discuss:

  • dance parties in the total dark (and other alternative dance parties)
  • stories narrated by dogs
  • the #lipstickincident and other popular hashtags
  • how little Evan and Carly know about Game of Thrones
  • the political activist style of Jughead Jones
  • guitarists with maps of the world on their faces

This and more await you within Episode 20 of Radio Free Riverdale. Please listen in. And be sure to follow Carly Boyce at @tiny_lantern.

May 24, 2017

By sheer coincidence – or was it something more? – the epic first season of Riverdale drew to a close just as one of its acknowledged influences, Twin Peaks, returned to the airwaves (or fiber optic cables? WiFi?). So Lucy and Evan invite pop culture writer Andy Burns, author of the Twin Peaks book Wrapped in Plastic and Riverdale enthusiast onto the 'cast. The three pound at the ice of Episode 13, "The Sweet Hereafter," to get to the metaphorical drowning Blossoms within. Listen in to hear discussions on:

  • when and if Riverdale will ever intersect with the Black Lodge
  • the vagaries of the American foster care system
  • Cheryl Blossom's repeated use of the word "mommy"
  • why Archie washes his hands before breakfast
  • and, of course, who shot Fred Andrews?

All this and more in Episode 19 of Radio Free Riverdale. Pour yourself a milkshake and join us. And follow Andy Burns at @biffbampop.

May 4, 2017

As Lion King villain Scar famously said (or sang): be prepared! Radio Free Riverdale co-hosts Lucy Cappiello and Evan Munday tackle a monster digest – specifically Archie Comics Jumbo Digest #251. But we also have a few things to say about Riverdale: A Murder Mystery Episode 11: "To Riverdale and Back Again." Lucy and Evan dish on:

  • Clifford Blossom's wig lair
  • Mr. Weatherbee's troubling food shame
  • Archie 3000 and his majestic mullet
  • "polyamorist": is it a word? What Molly Ringwald believes may surprise you
  • bands at weddings
  • and – because it wouldn't be a podcast without it – Archie trivia!

Next episode, we discuss the finale of the roller-coaster ride that was the first season of Riverdale.

Apr 12, 2017

Lucy and Evan invite the hilarious and talented Anne T. Donahue to talk about Riverdale Episode #8, "The Outsiders." Veronica Lodge decides to throw Polly Cooper an ill-advised baby shower while Archie attempts to go not-undercover and infiltrate the Southside Serpents. Get ready, because we have a lot of feelings about:

  • the return of baseball (and the Toronto Blue Jays)
  • construction work and bruiser studs
  • Archie's narc letterman jacket
  • the Skeet Ulrich Renaissance (again)
  • Polly and her stupid headbands
  • and, of course, that Jughead's dad is a Southside Serpent!

We had some sound issues with the recording this time around, so apologies if it's not as pleasant a listening experience as usual. And be sure to follow Anne T. Donahue for all the funniest and best tweets at @annetdonahue.

Mar 28, 2017

It’s back to basics at Radio Free Riverdale as co-hosts Lucy Cappiello and Evan Munday delve back into the double-digests, but make a crucial and important digression into Riverdale, with lots of talk about Episode 7: “In a Lonely Place.” After Riverdale delights and grievances are aired, they dig into Betty and Veronica Double Digest #251. Lucy and Evan get cracking on:

  • babies travelling through whale aortas
  • the Skeet Ulrich renaissance the world is experiencing right now
  • imaginary Archie-verse weddings
  • Salem’s all-too-human human lust
  • San Francisco, liberated books, and Polly Cooper as social justice warrior
  • and some surprisingly good Archie trivia

Next episode, we’re deep into Riverdale with a full-podcast discussion of Episode 8: “The Outsiders.” Thanks for listening!

Feb 22, 2017

After an extended baby-related hiatus, Lucy Cappiello and Evan Munday are back to talk about everybody's favourite new CW/Netflix show, Riverdale. Finally, someone let us out of our cage, and we have a lot of thoughts about:

  • Archie Andrews's construction-borne abs
  • sexual predators hiding as teachers
  • Jughead's non-burger diet and cringeworthy voiceovers
  • Mr. Weatherbee's bolo ties
  • whether moose or horses have larger members
  • and, of course, who killed Jason Blossom?

Stay tuned for more reviews of Archie digests and (inevitably) more sizzling hot Riverdale takes. (And, of course, watch Riverdale every week on your local CW or Netflix affiliate.)