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Broadcasting out of Pop Tate's Chocklit Shoppe, Lucy Cappiello and Evan Munday review and dissect Archie comics digests for your amusement and elucidation.
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Aug 24, 2016

Thrill to the last episode of the first ‘season’ of Radio Free Riverdale! Co-host / heart of the show / new mother Lucy Cappiello is busy rearing her brand-new child, so the Radio Free Riverdale is going on a brief hiatus following this, our fourteenth episode. But don’t worry – we’ll be back soon! Until then, we’re talking all about the Archie / Josie and the Pussycats crossover (and plenty of Mr. Lodge stories) in Archie Comics Digest #269. Listen up as Lucy and Evan yammer about:

  • single tears, visual kissing, and the brief fame of the long-haired lead singers of Extreme
  • their vain attempts to fill dead air as they ponder their dream cross-band romances
  • Hiram Lodge and his turn to the sinister
  • a journey to the centre of Archie Andrews’s mind
  • the terror of revolving doors
  • Josée and the Pussycat Dolls
  • and the ever-present Archie trivia

Thanks for listening through our first season. We’ll be back on the information super-highway airwaves soon!

Jul 14, 2016

It's back to your core crew of Archie enthusiasts Lucy and Evan delve into an issue full of Bollywood homages, post-Melissa-Joan-Hart teenage witches, and (for the second time) double-booked dates in Betty and Veronica Double Digest #243. Tune in as your favourite Radio Free Riverdale duo discuss:

  • the unsolicited advice and affection pregnant women receive from strangers
  • the #thirsty hashtag and whether it exists
  • flea markets and magic mirrors
  • the modern makeover of Sabrina the Teenage Witch's aunts
  • whether Veronica is in any way remarkable
  • the mysterious intrigue of the teriyaki potato chip
  • and, as ever, Archie trivia (which even Evan is warming up to)

Listen in, and tell them historian Max Hastings sent you!

Jun 14, 2016

Lucy and Evan welcome sidesplitting comedian Heather MacDonald on the podcast to rap about the Riverdale gang in the latest episode. Heather hadn’t read an Archie comic since she was about twelve, so it was a real homecoming for her. She helps your stalwart podcast hosts interrogate and elucidate The World of Archie Double Digest #57. Listen in as the Radio Free Riverdale gang chew the fat on:

  • Heather’s mom’s suitcase full of Archie digests
  • a dystopian future Riverdale where all musicians have been replaced by robots
  • Mr. Weatherbee’s studmuffin status
  • more rumours and leaks from the upcoming Riverdale television series
  • Archie comics’ all-time best cease-and-desists
  • mummies, mummies, mummies
  • and way more Archie trivia than ever before! (Lucy got really into the trivia this episode.)

The latest episode of Radio Free Riverdale is one of our longer ones, but special guest Heather MacDonald makes it a very funny and insightful one. After listening to the latest episode of Radio Free Riverdale, make sure you run out to the comedy showcase Heather organizes every Tuesday night at Pour Boy Pub, Comedy on College.

May 18, 2016

Jughead interested in girls? Veronica meaner than a junkyard dog? Non-consensual sewing? A blue Archie movie? Things are all topsy-turvy in the latest episode of Radio Free Riverdale, in which your co-hosts Lucy and Evan separate the comic wheat from the comic chaff of Archie's Funhouse #19. When you listen in, you'll hear us ramble on about:

  • Archie Comics 75th anniversary, celebrated with cake
  • the social and sexual implications of a Sadie Hawkins dance
  • whether Jughead is confident or the most confident
  • the hopes and dreams of Mr. Hiram Lodge's staff
  • Archie's favourite breakfast food
  • Moose's sudden perm
  • and, everyone's favourite: whatever Archie trivia we could scrounge up!

Thanks for listening to our latest, greatest episode of Radio Free Riverdale! 

Apr 14, 2016

Lucy and Evan invite their second-ever special guest: columnist, writer, and matchmaker extraordinaire Sofi Papamarko (@sexytypewriter). With Papamarko’s arcane knowledge of the affairs of the heart, they gain a new perspective of Archie and the gang as they wade deep in to the emotional waters of Jughead and Archie Comics Double Digest #19, a Jughead-heavy extravaganza. During our podcast, we discuss:

  • Sofi’s unhealthy obsession (or “lady boner”) for Jughead P. Jones
  • the various pets of the Archie universe (and their skills and attributes)
  • inspired by a Jughead comic, what our stomachs would be named
  • what the words for fetishes for food and trees (!) are
  • Betty Cooper’s – as well as our special guest and hosts’ – ideal dates
  • how many Archie-like redheads there are in the world
  • and, naturally, some mind-boggling and -blowing Archie trivia (including a shout-out for Jughead’s Fast Food in New Delhi, India)!

It’s the big tenth episode of Radio Free Riverdale! Join us in the world of double-digits! And check out Sofi’s matchmaking service at Friend of a Friend Matchmaking.

Mar 24, 2016

Lucy and Evan finally delve into a Betty & Veronica tome, with plenty of stories of love, part-time jobs, and fashion in Betty & Veronica Double Digest #200. And we thought we had read the saddest Archie comic in history last podcast, but we hadn't yet read "Poor Little Rich Girl." Join in the good times, which include

  • in-depth discussion of the sudden new character of Adam
  • Sabrina, the Teenage Witch – finally!
  • a debate: Should men wear top hats? Does anime rules?
  • further reportage from inside the Riverdale class war: Riverdale only has amusement-park-based industries!
  • far too much discussion of Fuller House
  • and the most vital Archie trivia, with which you can impress all your friends and enemies!

Hop on the Archie bandwagon and check out our ninth episode of Radio Free Riverdale! You can park our cars anytime!

Mar 6, 2016

Lucy and Evan welcome their first-ever special guest to their Archie podcast: comedian Adam Wilson (@theleanover). The three of them discuss Archie's Funhouse Double Digest #18, a digest that contains – no joke – the saddest Archie comic in recorded history. Thrill to

  • the eating habits of magician conventions
  • an in-depth look at the psychology of Big Ethel
  • Reggie Mantle's comedy ambitions
  • musings on time capsules and all the other students in Riverdale
  • our proposed AMC show, "Breaking Pops"
  • and, naturally, some life-altering Archie trivia!

We hope you enjoy this, our eighth episode of Radio Free Riverdale!

Feb 17, 2016

Lucy and Evan are back with more reviews of Archie comics (and at least one big surprise) as they dive into The World of Archie Jumbo Comics #55! The World of Archie Jumbo Comics is full of more winter fun than an Alaskan Andrew WK concert. (And – at last – some Josie and the Pussycats comics!) In the latest episode of Radio Free Riverdale, they cover

  • promposals, promposals, promposals!
  • horror movies and pregnancy (spoiler alert!)
  • the social history of gift returns
  • Josie and the Pussycats: Pepper vs. Valerie
  • way too many Friends references
  • the mystery of Jughead's "S" shirt
  • and everyone's (or Lucy's) favourite: Archie trivia!

All this in a comic that makes use of the word "reconnoiter." Plus, we learn "Segue" is Lucy's middle name. (For reals.) Please join us for the seventh episode of Radio Free Riverdale!

Feb 2, 2016

Lucy and Evan return to their Archie comics reviews with some CanCon as they cover Pep Digital #95: Archie Goes to Canada! The Riverdale gang heads north of the border and see more Canadian sights than the Littlest Hobo. In the latest episode of Radio Free Riverdale, they cover

  • the incredible amount of espionage in Canada
  • Archie and gang's school fundraising efforts
  • appropriation of Ojibwe culture
  • why people paint their addresses on the sidewalk in front of their house
  • the Diefenbunker (!)
  • why Reggie in unable to enter the country
  • and the typical Archie trivia, gags, and much more

So take off to the Great White North. Straight from the 6ix, it's the sixth-ever episode of Radio Free Riverdale! 

Jan 13, 2016

Lucy and Evan wish you a very belated but happy holidays!Season's greetings have hit Riverdale with World of Archie Christmas Annual #53, a wintery, wonderful issue that inspires our Archie comics reviewers to ponder

  • Archie's Christmas luck
  • Moose and head injuries in professional football
  • Veronica's perm
  • Riverdale's racist catering services
  • the ongoing class war within Riverdale
  • the derivation of British turns of phrase
  • and, as per usual, Archie trivia, gags, and much more

So nuzzle up beside the faux fire and have yourself an eggnog malted at Pop's Chocklit Shoppe. It's the fifth-ever episode of Radio Free Riverdale! 

Jan 6, 2016

Lucy and Evan are back with more Archie comics reviews: are you sick of them yet? Well, you might be after this, the longest episode to date. The duo tackles World of Archie Double Digest #52, a Halloween-themed issue that's filled with so many weird and wonderful stories, our hosts go over time discussing such things as

  • Fred Andrews's mid-life crisis and naval record
  • the gender-swapped Archie-like Ginger
  • whether Jughead's parents are related
  • whether we'd tap young Fred Andrews
  • how accurately Archie comics predict the future
  • seriously, young Fred Andrews is pretty hot
  • and, as ever, we provide you with Archie trivia, gags, and much more

This is the fourth episode of Radio Free Riverdale: nearly an hour-and-a-half of comics goodness. Enjoy!